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PAIN MANAGEMENT through REFLEXOLOGY, LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, and Remedial massage in Currimundi

Rainbow Concepts Remedial Centre isn’t your normal massage parlour. With our holistic treatments, we aim to rejuvenate the mind and body, manage pain and help with the symptoms of health conditions. To help achieve this, we use remedial massage, lymphatic drainage and reflexology.

Our difference is our interest in the body’s alignment, physiology and musculoskeletal system. By knowing how to find the root cause of a problem, we can provide long-term relief, not just treat the symptoms temporarily.

You can start feeling relief from pain and discomfort after just 1 remedial massage. We use deep massage techniques to help align your body, rehabilitate injuries and manage pain.

Chinese cupping is an ancient method of holistic treatment used to rebalance qi and detoxify the body. It does this by gently pulling skin, tissue and muscle into the cup, which can stimulate the lymphatic system, relax the nervous system and increase your immune system.

Everything in the body is connected. When 1 thing is out of balance, it can affect many other areas. Reflexology uses stimulation of pressure points to provide relief in a number of ways.